Communications Team

We coordinate cross-disciplinary team communications and share the story of QSTORM-AO with broader audiences.

Principal Investigator

Carol Lynn Alpert

  • Director, Strategic Projects Group
  • Museum of Science, Boston

Carol Lynn focuses on (1) enhancing the productivity of cross-disciplinary research through improved communication among team members and (2) developing novel ways to share with the wider world the experience of team research.

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Karine Thate

  • Program Manager, Strategic Projects Group
  • Museum of Science, Boston

"After studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University, I took a detour through the corporate world, selling everything from soda to shampoo…"

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Megan Litwhiler

  • Research Communication Associate, Strategic Projects Group
  • Museum of Science, Boston

"After completing my PhD in urban ecology at Rutgers University Newark and The New Jersey Institute of Technology, I decided to transition out of academia…"

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Research Goals

  • The overall goal of QSTORM-AO is to develop a wavefront-shaping, light-sheet microscope, using photoswitchable quantum dot fluorophores, that will enable 3D single-molecule localization 100um below the surface of a whole organism.
  • The Communications Team is coordinating team meetings and group reporting, developing this public record of QSTORM-AO research, and delivering museum presentations with animations and hands-on demos about the QSTORM quest and its progress.

Communications Team Posts


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