Carol Lynn Alpert

Carol Lynn Alpert

PI, Communications Team

  • Strategic Projects Group
  • Museum of Science, Boston

I am thrilled to be pursuing this grand challenge in biological imaging with our pals at Ohio State and the University of Georgia.



Carol Lynn draws on her academic background in science and in the history of science, and her passion for the visual arts and drama, to craft new ways of engaging audiences in the stories of scientists working together to cross new boundaries.  She leads the Strategic Projects Group at the Museum of Science and teaches a Research Communication Laboratory course at MIT.  The Strategic Projects Group partners with university-based research centers to enhance cross-disciplinary communication among researchers and students and between them and the surrounding community. The group makes science theater, museum presentations, videos, animations, hands-on demos, websites, and workshops in communication skills.

“It’s been a real treat working with Peter, Jessica and their students; they’ve given Karine and I crash courses in optics, super-resolution imaging, nanoparticle synthesis, and perseverance.  I had no idea what I was getting in to when I applied to attend the Innovations in Biological Imaging and Visualization Ideas Lab back in 2010, but that one-week sandpit spawned a number of very creative research projects.  A recent highlight was going to Capitol Hill with Jessica and Karine to present QSTORM to House members. NSF Director Dr. France Córdova (in picture below) said some very kind words about our efforts.”

Carol Lynn graduated Magna cum laude from Harvard in the history of science and spent nearly two decades making science and history documentary films and television, contributing to PBS series such as NOVA, The American Experience, Frontline, War and Peace in the Nuclear Age, and Race to Save the Planet.  She currently serves as co-director of the NSF Center for Integrated Quantum Materials.   

She enjoys friends and family; great writers, arts, culture, gardening, tennis, and the great outdoors.