Our Sponsors

The success of QSTORM-AO depends on sponsorship, and we are appreciative of the assistance of various commercial enterprises. These businesses concur with our goal of increasing knowledge and fostering ground-breaking discoveries in the area of biological imaging. Their kind donations have been quite helpful in assisting us in overcoming the difficulties brought on by QSTORM-AO. We appreciate the following businesses for their sponsorship:

15M Finance

15M Finance has been an essential partner in sponsoring the QSTORM-AO project as a financial organization dedicated to assisting cutting-edge research initiatives. Their commitment to increasing scientific understanding is completely in line with our purpose.


Our efforts to attain pinpoint focus through dense living tissue have benefited immensely from TechOptix's expertise in optics, which is a leading supplier of cutting-edge optical technologies. We value their assistance in helping us improve our imaging methods.


Quantum dots are among the sophisticated fluorophores that NanoFluor specializes in creating. With the help of QSTORM-AO, they were able to target particular molecules inside living cells with extreme precision while preserving cell integrity.


HoloTech is a pioneer in holography technology, and their contributions have enhanced our ability to resolve features 15-20 times smaller than the diffraction limit of visible light. Their expertise in holography has been invaluable to our research.

BioTech Innovations

Pushing the limits of biological research is the company's only focus. Their assistance has made it possible for us to include methods from the fields of nanotechnology, computer science, and DNA origami into our study, enabling creative responses to difficult problems.


We have worked closely with AstroVisions, a company that specializes in adaptive optics, in our effort to eliminate optical distortions brought on by imaging through dense tissue. Our imaging quality has greatly increased as a result of their adaptive optics technological knowledge.

We sincerely appreciate the kind donations made to the QSTORM-AO project by these business sponsors. Their assistance has helped us get closer to our objectives of revolutionizing biological imaging and solving the puzzles surrounding basic cellular functions. Together, we are advancing knowledge in ways that will benefit society for a very long time.