Megan Litwhiler

Megan Litwhiler

Research Communication Associate

  • Strategic Projects Group
  • Museum of Science, Boston

I’m a scientist turned science communicator.



After completing my PhD in urban ecology at Rutgers University Newark and The New Jersey Institute of Technology, I decided to transition out of academia and focus my career on advancing science literacy and education. I was interested in working with a variety of outlets for science communication –  teaching, writing, podcasts, presentations, and events and interactive activities. When my family relocated from New Jersey to Boston, I was thrilled to discover the Museum of Science was hiring someone to help them take on many of those challenges. I joined Carol Lynn Alpert’s team at the Museum in January of 2016 as a Research Communications Associate, and so far, it’s been an exciting and rewarding new chapter in my career.

My role in QSTORM-AO is to support Carol Lynn and Karine as we create new and exciting ways to share the team’s research with public audiences. When I’m not at the Museum of Science, I’m usually spending time with my husband and daughter or out birding. I also communicate science outside of the Museum as writer for SciFund Challenge’s The Eco Tome blog.