Kner Lab May 2019 update

May 15, 2019

by Abhijit Marar

STORM Imaging of growth cone:

Over the last month, we have worked with Dr. Kamiyama from the biology department at UGA to figure out the staining conditions for the fluorescent protein eos. We have also figured out the staining condition for the organic dye CF 568 which emits light at the same wavelength. This gives us the option of another fluorescent probe to work with incase imaging with eos in the muscle turns out to be difficult. Currently, the goal is to stain the growth cone with AF 647 and the muscle with eos. If it proves hard to image with eos, the plan is to stain the growth cone with CF 568 and the muscle with AF 647. Below are STORM imaging results of the growth cone stained with CF 568.



Update on Incoherent Holograhy:

We have been successfully able to image a 40 nm dark red fluorescent microsphere (660/680) using incoherent holography. The result shows that the technique can be used to image fluorescent particles emitting low number of photons. The image on the left below shows the hologram of the 40 nm bead and the image on the right is the reconstructed image after background subtraction. The low SBR in the images below can be attributed to the extremely high background noise originating from different sources in the system.