A Little About How We Got Here

June 16, 2022

by Carol Lynn Alpert

For a long time, we did not dare to share the story of how our project got on its feet. Probably, we all wanted it to be a beautiful story about which Hollywood made a movie a few years later. Oscar winners would play us, and maybe even Jennifer Lawrence would come out of her vacation for this film. Probably every person who is trying to succeed with what they passionately love, with a business in which they put all their strength, thinks so. And not because they want to get millions of dollars. But because they want to give something to millions of people.

However, if you really expect a beautiful story, then, to disappoint you at the very beginning, there will not be one.

It all started when our small team got together. This is a separate story, it is long and complicated, and it will take a lot of effort to tell it. Let's just agree that we all met and realized that we have an Idea and that we are ready to develop it, regardless of whether it will bring us at least some income. They say that enthusiastic scientists are all like that, but not everyone gets the job done. And since you are reading this text, we have coped with the implementation of the idea.

However, back to the point. After we discussed everything, it was necessary to understand what we should do step by step. Of course, we realized that we could not manage on our own and modest savings. Therefore, we made a business plan and prepared everything that might be needed for those who are interested in investing in the project.

We did not believe that we could get all the necessary funding from one person; rather, we wanted to find several who were ready to help us. We were ready to work with sponsors, who usually don't ask for a refund but provide a little help for an informational reward. We were also ready to work with investors who, in the end, wanted to receive profit from the project and return the money invested. We were really open to all proposals, but finding those who would be interested in such a specialized project was not very easy.

In addition to finding people and companies that are ready to invest and that deal with big money, we also asked for help on the net. We organized a collection, and crowdfunding gave us the first necessary amount. We have already talked about this, but I want to repeat it as often as possible - our gratitude for this to everyone knows no bounds. We're really grateful for every dollar people donated to us!

The situation with the search for larger amounts was not very good for a long time. Few people believed that biology as a whole could be successful, especially so that it could be profitable later on. However, the popularization of science and people's awareness of its importance has done their job. After almost a year of our searches, we managed to find people who were ready to invest, both on a gratuitous basis and expecting a profit.

We are happy that now our business is getting on its feet and expanding, and we can benefit the whole world!