Kner Lab Update from August

October 9, 2018

by Abhijit Marar

Incoherent Holography:

The 647nm (red) laser had to be sent back to the headquarters of Coherent Inc. for repair. The laser diode inside the laser is damaged; possibly due to retroreflection. Due to this we have not been able to carry any experiments with fluorescent beads but we have been running tests to reduce the background noise and also the read-out noise. We plan to do a detailed Signal-to-Noise ratio analysis to understand why it is proving difficult to image 40 nm beads using incoherent holography using a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM).  

STORM Imaging of Microtubules:

We have been imaging microtubules using STORM with a collaborator here at the University of Georgia (UGA). The collaborator is interested in looking at the neuro-muscular junction of the brain of a fruit fly. We are using microtubules as a test sample to optimize the imaging parameters (labelling density, blinking buffer conditions, intensities of the 647 (red) and 405 (UV) lasers, etc.). Below are the best results we have achieved. The image on the left is the wide-field image of the microtubules, which is diffraction-limited. The image on the right is the STORM image reconstructed from 60000 frames.