From a young fan and future scientist

January 5, 2018

by Karine Thate

Our QSTORM presentation, Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM, continues to be popular at the Museum. In 2017, I presented the show on stage 28 times to audiences of 1,115 people!  Visitors often stick around after the presentation to ask questions and find out how the research is progressing. Last Friday, I had a great interaction with a family who'd seen the show - and I thought you would like to hear about it. Meaghan Young and her 6 year-old son, Sam, were visiting from Weymouth, MA. Sam recently got a MOS membership for his birthday and was having fun getting to know the museum better. They watched my QSTORM presentation and we had a nice chat afterward about how they enjoyed the show. They felt it was interesting and presented the technial details at a level they could understand. A few days later I received the nicest email from Meaghan - and the attached photo of Sam. He was inspired to draw a picture of what we'd learned about QSTORM. 

Sam - Thanks for sharing your wonderful drawing with us. We hope you continue to enjoy learning about science!