Kil Ho Lee

Kil Ho Lee

Graduate Research Associate

  • Laboratory for Biological and Applied Nanotechnology
  • Ohio State University, Columbus

I'm pretty sure I will be successful, as long as I stay motivated and learn to love my work as much as Dr. Winter does.



I was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea and moved to Ridgefield, Connecticut where I attended high school. I received a BSE in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, an MS in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University, and I am now working on a PhD in chemical engineering at OSU.

Q & A with Kil Ho

Q. When did your interest in science/engineering begin?

A. I am not sure. But I had a chance to work in research labs during my undergraduate studies, and the experiences I had helped me decide. I joined Jessica Winter’s lab in the Fall of 2014.


Q.  What is your current career goal? 

A.   I'd like to stay in the academia.


Q.  What’s it like working with Dr. Winter?

A.  GREAT.  I love how passionate Dr. Winter is. Just seeing her and talking to her motivates me.

I'm pretty sure I will be successful as long as I stay motivated and learn to love my work as much as Dr. Winter does.


Q.  Are you excited about working on the QSTORM-AO project?  

A.  I'm excited about the whole idea, which brings the inorganic and biological elements together to make something useful and applicable for furthering cancer and other areas of research. 


Q. What are your main interests or hobbies outside of your scientific work?

A.  I like playing basketball. EVERYDAY.   I serve at a Christian church.


Q. What are you most passionate about in life?

A. I am most passionate about people. Friends, family, and those in need.


Q.  How do you cope with obstacles and setbacks along the way?

A.  I pray.


Q.  Where do you find inspiration when challenged with a difficult problem?  

A.  Recently, my inspiration has been the team - the team of people around me sharing the same interests and goals.


Q.  Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

A.  Hopefully, ten years from now, I will be designing a course I have to teach ☺