Faiz Khan

Graduate Research Associate

  • Biological and Applied Nanotechnology
  • Ohio State University, Columbus

I find it fascinating that the properties of materials can be manipulated by working at a nanoscale level.



I was born and brought up in Mumbai, the economic capital of India. I did my undergraduate studies at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. I received my Bachelors (specialization in Oils, Oleochemicals and Surfactants) in 2017. I worked as a research and innovation intern at L'Oréal for about a year before joining OSU as a PhD student in Chemical Engineering.

Q & A with Faiz

Q. When did your interest in science and engineering begin? 

A. As a teenager, I did attend various science demonstrations open to people. It was really intriguing to know how science influences products right from things as simple as toothpaste to something complex like a drug formulation.

Q. What prompted you to go into nanotechnology? 

A.  As Dr. Feynman once said, “There is plenty of room at the bottom." Nanotechnology is an interesting and upcoming field of research. I find it fascinating that the properties of materials can be manipulated by working at a nanoscale level. All these factors prompted me to go into nanotechnology.


Q.  How did you end up in Jessica Winter’s Lab? 

A.  I applied to OSU with the intention of joining Dr. Winter’s Lab. The lab research profile was a mix of both nanoparticle synthesis and applications, which made me inclined towards joining her.


Q.  What is your current career goal? 

A.  I plan to complete my Ph.D. and start a career in industry.


Q. What’s it like working with Dr. Winter?

A. She brings immense positivity and energy to the table. Overall, she cares and recognizes the efforts her students put in and that is what I like about her.


Q. Are you excited about working on the QSTORM-AO project?  

A. Yes indeed. Abhilasha and Kil Ho made significant contributions to the project. I would like to build on it and complete this project by demonstrating an efficient, reproducible photoswitching system.


Q. What are your main interests or hobbies outside of your scientific work? 

A. I like to watch movies. I can spend the whole weekend watching movies on Netflix.


Q.  How would your friends describe you? 

A.  A person who spends most of his time in the lab!!


Q.  What quirks are you known for? 

A.  I have a bad habit of being late everywhere I go.


Q.  How do you cope with obstacles and setbacks along the way? 

A.  I talk to parents. Being far away from them, friends are my next pillars. I am fortunate to have a good set of supporting friends.


Q. Where do you see yourself ten years from now? 

A. I plan to advance my career as an industry professional.