QSTORM-AO December 2020 Meeting

December 4, 2020

by Carol Lynn Alpert

Participating:   Abhijit, Carol Lynn, Jessica (top row);  Peter, Elizabeth  (2nd row).

Great news from everyone this week!

Peter posted that Abhijit aced his thesis defense and is moving on to a postdoc position at Georgia Tech.  He and Peter have a new QSTORM paper in Biomedical Optics Express (see cite in our Publications list).

Elizabeth broke through some barriers to get fluorescent labeling with DNA cages on track.  See her results. Thomas is safely in grad school at MIT.

Everyone had tales of pandemic related disruptions and lab dysfunctions.

Most interesting, we might just get some DNA-caged QDots over to Georgia in time to STORM them within the month!  Elizabeth is right on it Monday.  That may make a QSTORM-AO film focus possible after all?  A triumph in spite all the setbacks, including the pandemic?  BTW, Carol Lynn mentioned the "Locked Out of the Lab" zoom video she and Megan Litwhiler put together in the spring, with researchers from the Center for Integrated Quantum Materials,  

The Museum team is also launching a Reach Out Science Communication Challenge this week for researchers at all the NSF Science & Technology Centers, including a set of public science slams. 

We forgot to set a next meeting time, but we'll all be in touch around getting samples from Ohio to Georgia.