QSTORM-AO January 2020 Phone Meeting

January 22, 2020

by Carol Lynn Alpert

Participating:  Jessica, Peter, Faiz, Elizabeth, Carol Lynn.   Our first meeting of the new year…. 

Report:  Optics Team – Georgia

Optics Letters published Peter and Abhijit’s paper demonstrating three-dimensional localization of 40 nm fluorescent nanospheres with a precision of 5 nm laterally and 40 nm axially without the need to refocus, using “self-interference digital holography (SIDH).”  Here is proof-of-concept for QSTORM's holographic approach.   Find the paper at https://doi.org/10.1364/OL.379047.  Way to go, Georgia!

Peter and Abhijit are now working on a theoretical paper on single-molecule localization using holography.

Ahbijit wasn’t with us on the call; he was off to Atlanta to interview for a post-doc position at Georgia Tech.  He will be graduating later this year.  He has built the light sheet for the system, and it did indeed diminish the stray light problem, but now he needs to get more photons through the system.  He is testing a few strategies, such as adjusting alignment, angle of light, and polarization.  After that, he will try it with Daichi’s Drosophila. Meanwhile, Daichi is writing up their most recent neuro-muscular junction imaging results for publication. 

Report:  QDot Team – Ohio

Our Ohio friends are still working their way through some thorny chemical engineering challenges.  Elizabeth has been testing a different DNA – antibody conjugation chemistry to solve the current dilemma, where either binding is not achieved or fluorescence is not observed.  New azo-DNA finally arrived for Thomas, who is attempting to optimize switching behavior.  He is working on getting reliable conjugations between azo-DNA, normal DNA, and gold nanoparticles.  With practice this should get easier.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s medical diagnostic company, Core Quantum Technologies, has begun selling kits.  Congratulations, Jessica!

Report:  Communications Team – Boston

Because time is running out, and we have not yet been able to bring our research teams together to test the full QSTORM-AO system, Carol Lynn has requested that the Museum’s filmmaking funds be reallocated to a different story of instrument development for biological research.  More on this next month.

We all intend to keep pursuing our QSTORM-AO goals, even if it takes longer than anticipated.

Our next meeting will be February 26 at 1:30.