QSTORM-AO December 2019 Phone Meeting

December 12, 2019

by Carol Lynn Alpert

Participating:  Jessica, Abhijit, Faiz, Elizabeth, Yixiao, Carol Lynn.   Our last meeting of the year! 

Report:  Optics Team – Georgia

Abhijit will post early next week.  He’d been working on the light sheet set-up and found a design error that has sent him back to the machine shop to modify one piece so that the fixed focal spot of the objective lens is set at exactly the 34 mm distance it requires.  Most of the month has been devoted to imaging with Daichi, who is preparing a methods paper that shows that there really is only one good protocol to follow when STORM imaging neuromuscular junctions in Drosophila.  That’s the one they used to obtain the beautiful growth cone images we posted here last month.   Peter and Abhijit submitted a second revision of their Optics Letters paper; hopefully, it will be published soon.

Report:  QDot Team – Ohio

Yixiao and Elizabeth reported on their continuing efforts to get the DNA-cage cell labelling method to work.  There are issues achieving DNA conjugation to antibodies.  The conjugation process uses far too much of the linker, while the linker seems to be “killing” the antibodies. When they reduce the concentration of linkers, they indeed get a better antibody signal, but no fluorescing from the cages. See their blog post http://qstorm.org/node/746 to get a better idea how they are going to tackle these issues.   Meanwhile, though Faiz has achieved photoswitching with the QDot-DNA-AuNP conjugates, he needs to work further optimizing the azobenzene interactions.

Report:  Communications Team – Boston

Carol Lynn gave an invited talk this week at the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s Grantees Meeting at NSF.  Entitled “What We Mean When We Talk About Science Communication,” the talk focused on the strategy of advancing research through fostering effective cross-disciplinary communication.  In November, Carol Lynn gave an invited talk to the Advisory Council for the NSF Math and Physical Sciences Directorate on “Broadening Participation and Quantum Physics for All,” as well as a talk to the National Nanotechnology Coordination Infrastructure Network on “Beyond Nano: Addressing Quantum Science and Engineering with Public Audiences.”  She is hoarse now, and eager to settle into a holiday season of quietude.

Discussion:  Could Carbon Dots be worth another look?  Carol Lynn notes new reports in the literature on STORM with blinking CDs and effective CD gel separation, and will send the literature to Jessica.  Jessica tried CDs in the earlier iteration of QSTORM, and they didn’t pan out.

To Do’s:

All: Please check for errors in this post and alert the author. 

QDot Team: wrestle those DNA cages to the ground and get going again on the azo reversible photoswitching method with QDot-DNA-AuNP.

Optics Team: Light sheet holography!

Have a great holiday everyone.  See you better in 20-20.   Our next meeting is Jan 22 at 1:30.