QSTORM-AO Microscope Update

December 7, 2017

by Abhijit Marar

More components have been added to the microscope since October. To start with, we are placing the components that make up the astigmatic pathway. We are familiar with this setup and think it will be easier to troubleshoot any problems we encounter. We also plan to run stability tests once the microscope is operational and this would be easier on a familiar setup.                                      


We are currently making changes to the illumination pathway. The dichroic mirror will be placed between the objective holder and the 45o mirror which will eliminate the need for two separate illumination paths for the two setups.


We are able to communicate with the stage (SmarAct) and the camera (Andor Zyla) using micromanager 2.0. In addition to these components, we hope to control the laser (Coherent OBIS ) and the Spatial Light Modulator (BNS) using micromanager 2.0.