Kner Lab Achieves Multicolor QDot 3D STORM! Paper in ACS Nano

February 22, 2015

by Karine Thate

Congratulations to Jianquan, Kayvan and Peter on the acceptance of their paper, Multicolor 3D Super-Resolution Imaging by Quantum Dot Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy, in ACS Nano.


We demonstrate multicolor three-dimensional superresolution imaging with quantum dots (QSTORM). By combining quantum dot asynchronous spectral blueing with stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy and adaptive optics, we achieve three-dimensional imaging with 24nm lateral and 37nm axial resolution. By pairing two short pass filters with two appropriate quantum dots, we are able to image single blueing quantum dots on two channels simultaneously, enabling multicolor superresolution imaging with high photon counts.

See the paper here.