Farewell and Thanks! (from Jianquan Xu)

July 21, 2015

by Carol Lynn Alpert

[Editor's Note:  This post came from Jianquan Xu, the QSTORM Post Doc associate who worked first in the QDot Lab at Ohio State, next in the Optics Lab at the University of Georgia, and finally in the Bioengineering Lab of Ge Yang at Carnegie-Mellon.  All this occured during the first phase of QSTORM, which ended in May 2015.]

"It has been ten months since I left the QSTORM team, I was always thinking of writing something as a farewell. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work on this project as my postdoc research experience. I really enjoyed working in this team. Over the past three years, I had the chance to work on different aspects of this project including chemistry, biology and optics in three universities, it was such a wonderful experience to work in different interdisciplinary labs as well as live in three different cities during the whole project. I really enjoyed collaborating with the members of the QSTORM team in every lab. This endowed me not only the comprehensive and interdisciplinary expertise on super-resolution imaging, but also good communication ability and the team cooperation spirit.

I am now working at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI), continue working on super-resolution imaging. Different from QSTORM project, which aims to combine user-controlled quantum dots (QD) with STORM imaging and adaptive optics to create new super-resolution technique, my research now is trying to transform this technique to improve people’s life, by investigating breast cancer progression using STORM imaging, I would love to take this as a continuation of the QSTORM project. The experience and expertise I obtained from QSTORM benefit me a lot for what I am doing now, especially the experience of working in biology and optics labs.

The most exciting thing happened during the QSTORM project is that I became a father last year, my daughter just had her first birthday a few days ago and took her first step exactly that day, and she is walking better and better now. She is really a big change to our life, even though it was really tough for the first few months to take care of her. But we enjoy her growth much more, she surprises you every day with her new learned skills. I think such feeling is something you can’t understand until you became a parent by yourself, at least for me, I couldn’t imagine what it is to be a father.

Working in QSTORM was my first job in the US, also my first job in my life. Lots of amazing things during these three years and it means a lot in my entire life. I would like to thank this project and everyone in this team, I will always miss the time working in this project.

Best of luck with everyone, I look forward to working with you again."