QSTORM-AO August Phone Meeting

August 25, 2017

by Carol Lynn Alpert

All teams met by phone yesterday and delivered updates.  

The OSU QDot team is wrestling with getting their Zinc Sulfide coated QDots ready for conjugation with their DNA linker molecule.  This linker will “switch” the dots on and off by regulating the proximity of a quenching gold nanoparticle.  But first, the QDots have to be transitioned out of their oily “organic” solution into a fully aqueous solution.  Abby reported that Step 1 of this process worked well: the ligand exchange from Trioctylphosphine (TOP) to Pyridine. But the second step, the ligand exchange from Pyridine to a multifunctional bonding peptide (Phytochelatin-3), failed.  The team laid out a number of routes to try to troubleshoot the problem.

Meanwhile, down in Georgia, the Optics team is in the final stages of CAD-aided instrument design, and about to get a final part machined on campus before the build-out begins.  They’ve also been running some holographic STORM simulations to test the 2D and 3D localization accuracy of the current iteration of their image processing algorithm. (see below) The results look good.  Next, Abhijit will add “density filtering” capacity to the algorithm. This will help the team screen out stray data points, like the ones you can see to the left of the helix below.

 Fluorophores positioned on a 5 micron radius helical backbone.

3D Localization Test Simulation: Fluorophores positioned on a 5 micron radius helical backbone.


In other news, the MOS team launched the new QSTORM.org website and included another picture of Abhijit’s mountain adventures on his profile page.  (Check out “Teams” to learn more about the people who are pursuing the QSTORM-AO quest.   Our next phone meeting is scheduled for September 28th.  Stay tuned.